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Valorization of Cellulosic Sugars 


Are you curious about how industrial biotechnologies can produce high-value biomolecules for a variety of industrial uses - from second-generation biomass?
While bioethanol is a common end-product, building materials, adhesive resins, plastics, cosmetics, and textiles can also benefit from this technology. While the production process for first-generation (1G) sugars is well-established and extensively utilized, second-generation (2G) processes are being developed to offer substantial additional advantages.



This white paper provides an overview of the valorization of cellulosic sugars, covering both existing processes and forthcoming innovations:

  • Depiction of the production processes for both 1G and 2G sugars, as well as the associated market and political implications
  • Development of the technical and chemical aspects
  • Focus on the opportunities for innovation and challenges to be overcome
  • Insights and interviews from market and process experts
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Meet industry experts who shared their insights
Karl Peebo
Product Manager
at Fibenol
Michael Duetsch
Vice President Biochemicals
at UPM
Anand Ghosalkar
Chief Scientist
at Praj
Pierre-Louis Guillo
Innovation Consultant
at Bioeconomy For Change

Detailed summary: 

1. 1G vs 2G feedstock: state and stakes
  • Differences between 1G and 2G and their market implications
  • Cellulosic feedstocks valorization: many considerations at stake
  • Political incentives through regulations: one major determining factor
2. Cellulosic sugars: chemical structure and production process
  • Cellulose chemical structure and characteristics 
  • Cellulosic sugars production process
3. Accelerating cellulosic sugars valorization: innovation and challenges
  • Technical innovations coming from pre-treatment
  • Advancement coming from biotransformation
  • New projects and collaborations to foster innovation
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